Sofiia's artistic background goes back to her early childhood. Her journey in the industry has started at the age of sixteen, when she was hired as an assistant manager at the model agency back in Ukraine. She has moved to Alaska in her twenties and later on, to East Coast, where she discovered and joined the community of artists and professionals.

Sofiia brings the luxury and taste of fashion into every makeup application while getting inspired by the personality in her chair. Her style can be described as timeless beauty fused with trend and fashion.  Sofiia's application is featherweight and soft, focused on perfected, healthy and fresh skin. While embracing the precision of sharp lines and soft blend of smoky eyes, Sofiia loves to enhance the focal point of the look with the pop of color or texture. 

She has worked with artists as James Vincent, Roque Cozzette, Danessa Myricks, Orlando Santiago, Bethany Townes, Eugenia Weston. Sofiia has taken various educational trainings including seminars by PRO lead artists as Pat McGrath, Roshar, Dany Sanz, and intense hands on trainings by Sephora, Makeup for Ever, Temptu, Kryolan, The Powder Group. Sofiia has the Beauty and Fashion Advanced certification by Makeup For Ever Academy and  is also certified as a  Senior Artist by Sephora. 

Sofiia finds inspiration in art, music, nature and traveling. She loves to collaborate with other creative minds and elevate her skills to fuel her professional, spiritual and individual growth. 

Sofiia is currently based in NYC.